Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Lightning will get him iffen he don't watch out

Molly Ivins posted a remark into her column in today's (July 29) Gazoo that George B. Bush told the Amish July 9 in Lancaster, PA, that "God speaks through me." Was it a slip of the tongue? A Freudian slip? Or does the 12-step Bush really believe he is in direct communication with God? I thought the Pope was the only one who had that kind of connection when he speaks ex cathedra, although others of similar religious bent seem to want to claim they do, too. They all must be jealous if god really does speak through him. I checked on the web and I understand the remark was reported in the Lancaster papers July 16, so Ivins apparently didn't make it up. That's scarier than anything else Bush has said. A lot of newspapers missed the boat on that one. An old-time editor went on vacation one year and left an intern to run his weekly paper. The kid got excited about a news event, a fire or a big win for the local team, or some such thing and carried the headline in the biggest type he could find. When the editor came back he looked at the headline, pursed his lips and frowned. The kid asked, "What's wrong?" "Well," the editor said kindly, "nothing's wrong, but I was saving that type for the Second Coming." Seems to me the newspapers should have used the second coming type on that story. When a man says he's the voice of God, what a news story, what an event, what a shame! And he's our President with a belief in Armageddon and his finger on the trigger? Oh me, oh my! Where are the men in white coats when you really need them? I once again suggest Heinlein's books "Revolt in 2100" and "Coventry." Yes, they are fiction, but they seem to have a clear-eyed view of the potentials of some of our current thinking. Much more so than either the far left or the far right gods.


Blogger BurningKrome said...

Perhaps he was speaking of the manner in which God affected him. I have often had the feeling that a frozen Burrito was speaking through me...usually about an hour after eating, and much to the dismay of the folks immediately around me when it decides to make a statement.

I suspect Bush's statement had a similar affect on the Amish folk...

(Sorry...couldn't resist :-)

3:15 PM  
Blogger The Liberal Avenger said...

Why did Bush spend time on the Amish anyway? The Amish don't have telephones to call for polling purposes. Was Karl Rove able to measure the "bounce" Bush got after revealing his cosmic penpal to the "Pennsylvania Dutch?"

"Ich bin George W. Bush und ich bin die Weise und die Wahrheit und das Licht. Es gibt keinen Weg zum Gott aber durch mich."

I agree with you about about the SECOND COMING type. Did they get a photo of him barn-raising in an Amish hat?

8:52 PM  
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