Saturday, September 11, 2004

Apocalypse Bush! / Why care for the planet when the End Times are almost here? Vote Bush and hop on the salvation train!


Blogger - Hunter said...

PERSPECTIVES OF AN INDEPENDENT: Regardless of what happens on November 2nd one aspect of this election campaign has become abundently clear. Freedom of speech is alive and well in the new mellenium. When Ted Koppel goes on network TV and bemoans that the internet has become a danger to democracy the American electorate can rest easy in their beds that exactly the opposite is true. The monopoly that the Liberal press has used in past years to press its aganda is officially dead with the advent of so called blogosphere, the mass of individuals that make up a real and diversified cross section of the voting public. Neither side, Republican or Democrat, can any longer send forth blatently partisan efforts through the media without a sure and swift critical examination under the microscopes of honesty, objectiveness, and accuracy. The current "Memogate" controversy is just one in a long string of political dirty tricks from both sides that, having been immediately exposed as a fraudulent attempt to effect the outcome of a National election, now threatens to result in the ruin of the reputation of a major media corporation and the end of the careers of several network executives and a promenent newscaster. Contrary to Mr. Koppels contentious remarks, America's bloggers are forcing an honest open debate at a time when our country finds itself under attack and in the most dangerous waters since the days of the height of the cold war. One can speculate and argue the merits of any given issue. What isn't so clear is how either party, particularly the Democrats whose very existence depends on, and was framed in the crucible of free speech, now finds itself championing the idea that counter viewpoints and voices should be suppressed. That no amount of duplicity is to be curtailed in the interest of victory. Once the decision has been made by the voters this Novenber both sides would do well to sit down and examine the tactics and motives that promote the kinds of shameful activities that have surfaced in this election cycle. No amount of pointing at the opposing camp and bitterly blaming each other back and forth will alter the facts that have come to light. More to the point is that politics, as we Americans practice it, will never be the same. Historians in the future, whatever direction they come from in telling the story, will not be able to escape the simple conclusion that it was power to the people through the new voice of politics, the blogoshere, that was the catalyst.

3:01 PM  
Blogger bedrocktruth said...

Not only does this idiot know absolutely nothing about Christianity or anything else he's slobbering about, he constitutes a very good reason for an early "end times"--if it would just shut him the f...k up.

Hop THIS moron!

Dang Chuck, where do you find 'em?

And WHY?

3:27 PM  
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