Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Last Deception


Blogger bedrocktruth said...

I can understand Krugman's hopelessness, Chuck. He's also pretty hopeless as any kind of authority-on anything other than the left wing view of the world.

What the hell though. Somebody's going to be right and others are going to very wrong about our efforts in Iraq.

Time will tell and history will record. I just hope Krugman is still around to eat every damned one of his heart rending "woe is us" diatribes.

Surely you don't pay much attention to this kind of
hysterical angst concerning every action the Bush administration has taken since the inauguration-up to and including the packed lunches on Air Force One.

He's made himself a laughing stock in the eyes of reasonable, intelligent people of all policital stripes......

4:49 PM  
Blogger Chuck Rightmire said...

I agree, except Bush is too dangerous to be a laughing stock.

9:30 AM  
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