Saturday, October 09, 2004

No one knows the time and temperature

There is a saying, credited I understand to the Chinese adage makers, that says if a man has one watch he knows what time it is; if he has more than one, he has no idea of the time. Well, today, I saw triple proof that the rule is true of time and also affects temperature.

Out along Central Avenue in Billings, we have three banks in about three blocks, set off by a Mickey Ds, another fast food joint or two, a gas station, a grocery store, and a dead restaurant. How long does it take to go three blocks at 35 miles per hour? I'm not sure, but each of those banks had a time and temperature sign.

The first sign read 3:45 and 78 degrees, from that we knew the time and temperature and both seemed reasonable, although we thought it might have been cooler than that. The next bank, a block away, posted 3:55 and 84 degrees. That really did seem rather warmer than it actually was. A block farther down the road and the third bank posted 3:45 and 125 degrees. We were sure that the reading was far too high for the cloudy fall day. And we didn't think it had taken four minutes to go a half block or so.

Some adages do seem to be more trustworthy than others.


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