Thursday, November 04, 2004

AlterNet: Election 2004: The Unbearable Darkness of Being

AlterNet: Election 2004: The Unbearable Darkness of Being

I would suggest that those who do not feel this way are unAmerican and need to go back to civics class and to reread the U.S. Constitution, not that it will remain what it is for long.


Blogger bedrocktruth said...

I don't know how to quantify this Chuck but I don't believe that it was issues like abortion and gay rights that did Kerry in. Remember that Kerry was squishy on both of them. Never did draw a clear line except as it related to federally funded abortion.

I think the basic issue that had blood boiling in the hearts and minds of the average red stater was the vicious savaging by the left of a president in time of war-starting with the BUSH LIED!! meme,through all the AWOL lies, the Michael Moore garbage, the Kitty Kelly book claiming Laura Bush was a drug pusher,the tear down books by Richard Clarke, Paul O'Neill, Al Franken and others that were so obviously promoted by the main stream media.

Most fair minded people felt that Bush was ganged up on. They looked at Bush and his family and didn't see the vampire ghoul liar that the left spent almost 3 years smearing him with. The 60 minutes episode just
drove home with most people that the media would stop at nothing to get him out of office.

Fair minded people don't like that. And they saw through it. As Peggy Noonan said "People have eyes".

Backlash. Big time. It was one of the drives for many of my friends-most former Democrats-at least.......

3:18 PM  
Blogger Chuck Rightmire said...

BRD, what you are saying is that "fair-minded" people believed a bunch of lies and bs because of their "fair mindedness" but did not take that tack on the other side where the lies were worse and stronger. It is unfortunate that people felt they had to be fair-minded instead of looking at the facts of what people were saying about baby bush. He was ganged up on because he was vulnerable in those areas. Despite what you and others say, those weren't lies. Some of them, such as Michael Moore's were extreme, but they were laid on a foundation of truth, something you and the other poor souls out there will learn when they are forced to go to a church they don't want to or their neighbors will come down hard on them.

6:27 PM  
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