Monday, May 16, 2005

If you don't like the meaning change the definition

Another scary story on the ignorance vs knowledge level in the Gazette today. An AP story out of Kansas suggests that not only is the Kansas Board of Education considering making the oxymoron "intelligent design" a requirement in science but that it's also going to change the definition of science so that it includes taking non-science seriously. They're talking about ID but what about astrology, new age religion, bending spoons, and a variety of other unprovable and unintelligent efforts of the ignorant to control lives that are out of control. I know people who believe that new age medicine is much, much better than traditional medicine. While she treats herself that way, she keeps getting blinder, literally.

What the so-called discovery institute doesn't say is that there is no controversy over evolution in science. It is supported by too many facts for any true scientist to doubt it. Intelligent Design does not follow from the facts. There are too many paths in the fossil record to explain what the ID people call the impossible (the various complexities of the eye, for instance), and too many cases where things like the human appendix indicates a serious lack of planning. And while the ID people are claiming that there are flaws in some of the studies and that evolution cannot be predicted, even I can make a prediction based on the theory of evolution: We have to keep developing new medicines because every time we treat a disease with one, it won't be long until the little buggers that created the disease evolve a defense against what we're using.

One of the biggest problems with all creationists, including ID proponents, is their arrogance. They can look at a world which has blossomed over millennia in a number of ways, with a number of different species at the top of the feeding pyramid and then claim that we are the ultimate. That's not only a limited view of the universe, but it insults any creator that does exist.


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