Sunday, May 22, 2005

A platform for Democrats

From time to time in the next few months, I hope to make suggestions as to the policies that the Democrat Party needs to get busy on for the future. I'll start with an idea for a plan for medical care for U.S. citizens:

We need to start working toward a system which is not as much concerned with the idea of how to pay for medical care, but rather from the root of providing proper medical care for all our citizens. Such programs are in effect in Europe and Canada and while they have some faults, they also provide far more benefits for the average citizen. We need to quit looking at insurance coverage as if it is the answer to all health coverage problems. Health insurance, not matter how good, still does not enable the poorest paid among us to have proper medical benefits. It is still possible to incur enough expenses under many insurance programs so as to be forced into bankruptcy, what with copays and deductibles.

What we hear from our government most of the time these days is providing insurance coverage even though we are approaching or have surpassed the figure where almost one-fourth of our citizens cannot afford even the poorest policies out there. I suggest that the insurance concept is what is keeping us from really protecting our citizens, much as the idea of given a fair deal to the big pharmaceutical companies has been extended into an effort to keep their profits high.



Blogger Mark said...

Since when were we promised free health care?

The answer to high insurance costs is tort reform.

3:38 PM  
Blogger Chuck Rightmire said...

Mark: Tort reform would be just a drop in the bucket of health care costs and would eliminate the right of citizens to legal recourse to bad medical care.

12:13 PM  
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