Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A bunch of us were right on Iraq

AlterNet: Don't Dismiss Downing Street

Molly Ivins chastises the mainstream press for ignoring the Downing Street Memos. I hope the British voting public doesn't. It seems to me that Blair had a chance to bow out but didn't. And I don't understand why all the "smart" pols in DC didn't know they were being led up a garden path in the leadup to the war. Those of us who read papers and news magazines and listened to the electronic news had a damn good idea that we were being misled. It was obvious. If you had no preconceptions about the U.N., then you had to wonder why it couldn't find the WMD and why the Bush administration didn't tell the seekers where they were. The answer was so simple, but people couldn't see it: The administration had no idea whether Hussein had WMD.


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