Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A sense of values but not on the right

The right has based its entire program on the idea of "values". But their values have a narrow focus having more to do with the role of people and their sexuality. This article says more than anything about true values worth pursuing and how Katrina has put them into real focus. We aren't all lifted by a rising tide, and even if we are it is the wealthy and the managers who sail off into the sunset. This is very well said in the linked article.

On a different not not connected with the link, I'm suggesting that the federal government's response to Katrina indicates a basic failure of the current administration. Unless it has time to plan its moves or to find someone else to blame or to back stab, it does not react well to sudden events. Had it not been for the resources of the city of New York, 9/11 would have been much worse. Nor has the administration reacted well to the failure of its planning or lack of it in the followup of the Iraqi invasion.

I ask again: How fast will it react if the big one hits California or Washington state? If the big fault in the Midwest shakes its booties as it did 200 years ago? If Shasta or the Sisters or Yellowstone National Park blow up? How safe do you feel now with the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Agency and no help on the ground for days after New Orleans and the Gulf Coast?


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Blogger Jim said...

I feel ya, Chuck. I've been so impressed by the administration's reaction to Katrina that I'm scared silly to think of what might happen if another disaster came along soon. I do hope that we'll learn from this fiasco, but I'm not holding my breath. Unfortunately I am not pleased with the reactions of the Democrats either. I was watching C-Span tonight and saw Democrats in the house blasting Bush and Brown for the slow reaction times. Limbaugh and Hannity wouldn't have squat to say if only these folks were working on the ground rather than preaching from the House floor. Preach from the scene with a box of water bottles in your arms. That'll preach!

7:36 PM  
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