Monday, December 19, 2005

So now they want to help schools

A few years ago, when he was my representative, Roy Brown stood on my doorstep and claimed that the Republicans had fully funded schools. I knew he was wrong and eventually asked him, in no uncertain terms, to get off my front steps since he was so adamant in his errors. Now he stands up with his ugliest face and claims that the Democrats have not solved the school problem. Even if he's right, and I'm not saying he is, I don't understand why he thinks the Republicans did anything about the schools over their long tenure in the legislature and the governorship. I think we were saying a number of years ago that the sainted Marc Racicot was leaving the state in a big financial mess. His party signed off on his messes and nosMartz didn't help the situation. So why is the dumb Brown spouting off now?


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