Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thoughts on the opinion page

David Crisp over at the Billings Blog pointed out the other day that the Gazoo seems to have some uncertainty about certain issues it talks about on its editorial page. I agree. The other day they had quite an essay (too long for an editorial) on the Rimrock Foundation's plans to put a fourplex up in the North Park area. They pointed out the laws and the issues and came down squarely on the belief that the plans need to be looked at again. That may be seen as pro Rimrock Foundation, but they really didn't say what the editorial board believed in so many words. The content hinted at the idea that the fourplex should be approved, but in the end there was no clear cut statement as to that. Sort of a Charley Brown wishy-washyness that the Gazette has had over several years. Why bother with an opinion page if it doesn't have any opinions?


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