Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thoughts on Immigration

I never thought I'd say this, but it seems to me that baby bush finally has something in the works that will work, although he is probably aware that it will not pass congress because of the likes of the usually follow-the-president, Denny Rehberg. He is, I think, deserting the ship. As is Conrad Burns of Missouri.

But baby bush has a plan that will work for those who want the cheap labor from the south and for those who want to close the border to illegals. First, let me recall to you how in the 1990s, the meat packers closed down the immigration service when it started checking papers at meatpacking plants after only one state found itself short of workers. Then, let me remind you that the standard of living of many people in states with large illegal populations will go down if they lose the cheap labor that does their yard work, baby sits the kids, and cooks their meals.

What would be far more effective than a Texacal wall, would be an easier way for temporary workers to come into the country. It should be far easier then to capture and handle the illegals who come across the border with mayhem in their minds and do it by continuing to sneak across.


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