Wednesday, August 16, 2006

on Rehberg's mailings

Republican political hacks (and maybe Democrats as well although not so blatantly) must really believe Montanans are really, really dumb. I received two of Denny Rehberg's mailings recently that had been franked and sent free (or at taxpayer expense) out of D.C. They contained absolutely no information that I was not aware of so they weren't a congressman's report to his constituents. They were absolutely campaign pieces. They provided no information of use to anyone, but they promoted concepts that Rehberg supposedly promoted although I didn't remember seeing any of those in the weekly congressional report in the daily papers. They were blatantly political—here's what our good ol' boy who's so blah he never makes a wave did for you. If that's not campaign material, I don't know what is. It was so blatantly a campaign ploy that I doubt if any of it's believable. It is just what Rehberg is: get the taxpayer to pay his expenses whether it's living in his office in D.C. or paying for his campaign mailings. And I would suggest it shows the depths to which political self-praise has fallen to when the congress didn't call this an illegal act. Luckily for Rehberg, he got the mailing in before the 90 day blackout. Or was that a plan. It came out so close to the deadline that it must have been a deliberate of getting around the laws. Isn't that illegal?


Blogger Montana Fem said...

For many years I have written to him and our other issues and until now have never even recieved a response. The latest was on our dependance on oil, where in one sentence he says, "We are too dependant." and the next is we must get to the rest of our natural resources. I thought the timing rather odd that he would finally choose to respond this close to election time.

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