Friday, September 01, 2006

on bushwa

Baby Bush has resurrected his "fight them in Baghdad or fight them in New York" rhetoric. It was stupid the first time and it remains stupid. Fight them in London maybe. Perhaps fight them in Saudi Arabia, maybe. But in Iraq? Saddam, for all of his iniquities committed on his own people was not connected to 9/11, he had no WMDs, and he had, from our findings on his ground, had not violated the U.N. resolutions to any extent. He kept saying he had no weapons and we haven't found any, no matter what the wingnuts are claiming based on the discovery of antiquated and unusable relics.

I go on the comment sections of the Gazette articles and on the blogs out of Montana and I wonder where all the idiots came from who are supporting Burns because he "knows how to fight fires" and how to support the president and one of the bigger lobbyists in D.C., who is taking the rap for a political system gone out of control. Montana used to have a good school system that taught people to think for themselves, but I'm seeing a lot of people out there who haven't turned a screw in their brains since birth. They remind me of a new model for a real life cat: no moving parts.


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