Wednesday, October 25, 2006

on the campaign ads

Now we know. The Billings Gazoo, this morning, showed where the money that Burns supposedly has brought to Montana has gone. His ads say it came to Montana. Actually, the bulk of it came to companies headquartered in Montana rather than to the Montana public. Yes, he got money reportedly for the Lockwood water and sewer and I'm not sure that Lockwood has ever taken advantage of it. He also got money for a new library in Bozeman while Billings was struggling to pass a tax to pay for a new library. He's also bringing Bob Dole out, I understand, to visit PAYS stockyards as if that is Billings. Who's paying for that visit? So we can take his campaign ads with a grain (maybe a sack) of salt.

Of course, both sides have errors in their ads. Burns is claiming that the Gazoo says he never "endorsed" what Tester says he did: the big sales tax. But it also said he took a look at with some interest and that should be a non-starter for him given Montanan's attitudes toward a sales tax. I would say that is about even in lying. And Tester's ads are wrong in saying that "18 years in Washington have changed Senator Burns." There was no change. Conrad is the same Conrad that went back to Washington 18 years ago, saying he would only serve two terms.


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