Tuesday, November 14, 2006

on the election

Various thoughts on the election one at a time:

Thought 1: The Democrats are in control of Congress. Maybe they will return to checks and balances with a Republican President. Our country would be better served by an impeachment of the current President in order to undue the damage he has done to the Constitution. His actions in declaring the terrorism situation as a war and then refusing to treat terrorists as soldiers is a shame. His signing statements that let him ignore the will of Congress is a crime. His denial of our liberties through the illegal wiretapping schemes and bypassing individual rights in our courts all deserve condemnation. More importantly, they need to be denied to future presidents.

Thought 2: The Democrats cannot get us out of Iraq without the danger of more claims of "cut and run." But we must deal with the facts over there. First, we should never have been there. The American people bought a bill of goods (as Rice {not Condy} puts it "the greatest story ever sold") and doesn't really want to change its mind. But we ignored Afghanistan, where the real danger was, and went after a dictator whose people would probably like him back if we weren't pushing his death sentence. We did win the second Iraq war when we overthrew Saddam's government. But we are now in a lose-lose situation because we are trying to build a government that is an unnatural one for that location. I suspect that however we leave, when we are gone the government will tumble and will be replaced by a Shia theocracy unless the Sunnis win again and make it a Wahabi theocracy. Secular government is done in Iraq. We will lose no matter how we exit.

Thought 3: With the Democrats in charge, perhaps we can get back to considering our own people who are victims of the economy and the increasing debt. We need a single-payer system for health care so we can get our lives and personal finances back from the health system, particularly the insurers. We keep believing in this country that insurance is the answer to health care when, in fact, it is part of the problem. We also need to start rebuilding our bridges and other infrastructure. We need to worry about the minimum wage. I saw a person on television last night crying alligator tears because she's going to have to pay more to her employees. She talked about affiliated costs like unemployment and FICA increases, but she didn't mention that if her employees earn more than the minimum wage, she gets a bigger business credit for the amount over that wage she pays.

Thought 4: Montanans once again bought into the Republican lies. I'm not sure where this comes from. The lair Roy Brown got elected in my district along with the nonentity Tom McGillvary. They claim they will do a lot of things they didn't do when they were in charge for 12 years, but I'll bet the only thing they will try to do is once again to cut taxes. Thanks to Sam Kitzenberg of Glasgow for saying what many of us have thought for years: the current Republican party in Montana is no place for moderates. Tax cuts are irresponsible when we need schools and tuition cuts for colleges and roads, etc.


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