Thursday, March 22, 2007

on the legislature

It seems to me that the Republican legislators are bringing fiscal irresponsibility to new heights. They are refusing to fund key programs to help Montanans and listening to the idiot from the west end of the state, Jore, who has apparently not read either the state or federal constitutions and refuses to accept his responsibilities to Montanans, except for perhaps a few who thing this state is not responsible for the welfare of any of its citizens, wealthy or not. Anyone who wants to give small business a major break on the taxes they pay by earning income, when I have to pay taxes on property that earns me nothing, doesn't seem to me to have much of my happiness or health in mind. Small businesses do offer jobs, but they seem to hire more people than they can afford to pay a good wage. Restaurants, for instant, get all kinds of federal tax breaks and credits, want more, but don't want to pay the people they hire a living wage. Let's get responsible people in Helena; not people with no level of responsibility.


Blogger Shane C. Mason said...

Jore is a sad joke. To many people have said that "He is just one man, how many problems can he cause". I don't think that they expected the whole right side of the aisle would be cow tailing for his vote.

1:24 AM  

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