Sunday, April 29, 2007

on Denny's votes

Let's see how Denny Rehberg voted on key issues this week. Not a good week for him, I think. He voted against funding for the troops because he is Baby Bush's tail and wags against ending a war that we've already won. Let's face it, the war is over and won. The insurgency is up to the government of Iraq. Even without Denny's vote, the House passed the bill that should light some intelligence under Baby Bush's butt. Also Denny voted for letting people around the world eat our wild horses. Wonder if he likes horse steak? And then he votes to curb spending (?) by wanting to limit the amount the government could spend on controlling horse meat. Wow!!! Good shot Denny. Hope the Montana ranchers appreciate that.

And I wonder how Wyoming feels about not being represented so often in the House when Barbara is not there for votes. Doesn't she have an opinion on anything?


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