Tuesday, May 15, 2007

on the end of the Legislature...

The Gazoo reported on its website that the Legislature finished the budget and adjourned. They did not pass the small business equipment tax cut, which is a relief for the rest of us. But they did give us the $400 one time cut. Wonder how that will come down. Also decided on a way to trim taxes for future surpluses. And they did pass a budget which may give relief to Montanans who need state help. Of course, the Republicans of the idiot persuasion such as Mendenhall from Billings and Tom Mcgillvray and Roy Brown, who supposedly represent me, voted against it. My two are a pair of the biggest light weights and know nothings in the two houses. Mcgillvray proudly says he doesn't take time to read blogs, he's too busy trying to come up with a "compromise" in the Legislature. From the way he voted during the special session, he might as well have stayed home and read blogs. He certain made no efforts at compromise. After adjourning, the Republican members of the House voted to dump Michael Lange as Majority Leader and replace him with Himmelberger. It might have been a good choice if Himmelberger wasn't worse than Lange and if they'd done it for the right reason. But they dumped Lange because he did compromise with the Democrats despite his snortin' agin the gov. (Wrong name called to my attention, so I fixed it.)


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