Wednesday, May 09, 2007

on the school levy passing

The Billings school levies passed for the first time since 2002. Absolutely great. It means the know nothings who inhabit our city took it on the chin again. It also means that I can vote yes again on some levies I support but wouldn't vote for until a school levy passed. One thing that always gets me is that the anti-school levy anti-taxers always say it goes for the teachers. Well, it seems to me that we can't have anything good happen for the kids until we have good, well-qualified teachers and we can't have them if we can't compete with other states. If we read the article a few days ago in the Gazoo about the job fair at Eastern (ooops, MSUB), we know that other states pay more and may offer some other, more exciting surroundings. And what are new textbooks if not for the kids? Some of these people apparently have not bought a hard cover book in more than 20 years because of what they want to pay for new texts. I can't figure them. Always putting the lie to people who go out on a limb to help keep our system alive and well. They are the people we shouldn't trust.


Blogger jcurmudge said...

It was good to have a chance to talk with you again today. We are certainly agreed on the levy and the unfortunately attitude of people who are opposed to quality education.

Jim T

9:18 PM  

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