Monday, October 01, 2007

on "justice thomas"

Here it is October and I haven't posted anything since August and now I have two thoughts brimming over. One I've just posted. The other has to do with the great justice thomas of the U.S. Supreme Court. I lower case his name because that's the respect I think he deserves. From the reviews I've seen that the few comments of his interview on 60 minutes that i saw last night, I think it has to be the most self-serving piece of cow manure to come out of Washington lately, and there have been large numbers of cow pies around that city in recent. From his decisions, whether they are in the majority, or most likely in the minority, thomas is so strict a constructionist that he apparently does not believe that the Constitution should ever have been amended, although he might give a passing approval to certain of the Bill of Rights. But he obviously opposes those changes that outlawed slavery and that made the Bill of Rights pertain to the actions of states as well as those of the federal government. He seems to think that state governments should still be allowed to have a state religion even though the Constitution denies it to any government. And his statement that he made his own way is as much crap when he says it as when anyone says it. Any person who makes it in this society does so because the society makes it possible for him or her to do so. Most people who deny the role that society plays in creating the adult them are whistling in the wind. Until professional sports got to be so pupular that they enabled the payment of huge salaries, the type of people who gain the most from them last played a major role in society during the days of yore when knights were bold. And it wasn't clarence thomas who got trashed in those confirmation hearings; it was Anita Hill.


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