Tuesday, October 23, 2007

on the Turkish involvement

Back in 1991 a number of us believed that if the U.S. invaded Iraq to take out Saddam Hussein we would destablize the whole Middle East, including bringing on a war involving the Kurds and the Turks. Some of us also made the same predictions when the U.S. planned to invade Iraq in 2003 when it was obvious there were no WMDs and no threat to us from that place. So we been involving the Saudis, the Sryians, the Iranians, the Lebanese and the Isrealis in a general hot porridge in that area now (admittedly, the Isrealis and their neighbors were involved before the invasion) involving the Saudis (to some extent), the Iranians (to a larger extent), the Pakistanis (to a much larger extent) and the Afghans. We took on the defense of our country by attacking Afghanistan. Then we withdrew most of our troops from the punishment detail (that should have been only a quick strike taking out the Al Quaida camps and maintaining a continuing pressure on the group) to put them iinto an Iraq which has led to more and more destablisation in the entire area. And now, with the Turks crossing Iraq's northern border to take on the Kurds, the final domino may be falling. How soon will the Kurds in the former SSR and in the north western Iran begin to get involved in this new aspect to war? What bothers me the most is that no one seems to take in the context that we are involved in a war that started in August 1914 and has remodeled the entire world we live in. How soon will we begin to realize that the world of 1913 is not one we can find a home in anymore? That world is as gone as the medieval times. When will we ever learn?


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