Wednesday, May 07, 2008

on the dumbing of Tom McGillvary

I just received the second mailing this go-round of Tom McGillvary, who claims to represent my district in the Montana Legislature. I say "claims" because I can't believe my neighbors are as far out to lunch as he is. In this latest mailing he says he doesn't believe humans are to blame for global warming, despite the vast number of scientists who say it is. He must be quoting Exxon Mobile, the biggest liars on this issue in the country. They are in bed tactically with the tobacco manurfacturers who lied to us for so long on the cancer issue. I wonder what his sources are? Then he puts in a survey that is full of loaded questions. Do you want more taxes? Do you want to pay 100% or more for clean energy? What a brain floating in a mass of jello.

Just a couple of other things: He said in his first mailing that he wanted to be a mover for good feelings and positive approaches to the legislative process, but in last sessions Special Session he voted against a compromise. Unfortunately, he doesn't read blogs which might really help him understand what is going on in the state. But then he doesn't really care. He's an ideologue. Hey, Tom, let's tax churches.


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