Thursday, September 11, 2008

On Agnew Palin's homecoming

I think we now know what we'll be doing the rest of this campaign: watch Sarah Agnew Palin's concern about her son in Iraq. It seems to me that her son should be treated by our military in the same manner that Prince Harry was by England: keep him out of harm's way. I know we're not supposed to talk about family in this election, but what would be the rebound effect ont he election if he gets hurt or killed in Iraq? Or captured? Keep him home.

In her homecoming speech, she once again attacked the "pork" that Congress pours into member's individual districts like the half million for Taxpayer Acres here in Billings, the $4 million for Bozeman's library and money coming in for Shiloh and Airport roads, among others. Let's remember that, except for curmudgeons who hate all government money, one person's pork is another person's long-awaited ball park or library. Congress may not be well like in the polls but most individual congressmen will be re-elected this fall. And most of those re-elected will have as part of their re-election plank the money they brought home to their district.

And what is this change that she says McBush is offering? In his list of programs I see neither a long list of reform or a long list of changes in D.C., exept for going after earmarks which make up but a small portion of the federal budget, about 1%. What about the big spending on the Iraq war which we should never have been involved in. We can leave Iraq anytime we want to: we won the war. It was over when Saddam fell. What we are doing now is empire building. And because of Iraq we now have a tough job to cleanup in Afghanistan.


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