Friday, September 05, 2008

on the Palin speech

I guess I'm in the minority. I got a chill down my back watching Agnew Palin's speech the other night, only it was one of fear. First, I though that my high school and college speech teachers would not have given her more than a C for the talk despite the choreographed responses to it. It was flatly presented, without a great deal of inflection except for slyness she interjected with the way she moved her head and smiled. Besides having eyes just a bit too close set, often the sign of a fanatic, she looks as if she has a mean streak. That's not unusual for Republicans who often seem to feel that people are not worthy of their attention unless they are executives in oil companies or other big multi-national firms. I also thought it unworthy of her to parade her pregnant daughter (who didn't show the signs of pregnancy) on the stage when the fact of the pregnancy indicates that her family values are not particularly high. I hope she does better by a younger daughter than teaching her to depend on saying no in the heat of a moment. And I hope 18-year-old Levi knows what he's getting into and the limits that will place on his future. I've known several shotgun marriages that lasted and a lot that didn't and the kids suffer. But what I don't understand is how this is a "family value" after what the Republicans have been pushing with the "silver ring thing." And I wouldn't vote for Palin, even if she was a Democrat (which she never would be) because she's mean. It's in her eyes. It's a sign, just like Baby Bush was lying every time he leaned forward on his left forearm. She's doing the same thing when she turns her head to her right.


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