Tuesday, September 02, 2008

what's happening to the election?

Oh, boy, the sleaze is hitting. At first, I thought the selection of Sarah Qaylin or Sarah Agnewlin (take your pick) was a cynical choice to try to take from Obama the former Hillary supporters who supported her only because she was a woman. Now it looks as if she was selected because, if elected, she will help continue the ruthless political basis of government in Washington that the current administratiion has pursued. And her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is pregnant and is expecting to be married to the father. Shades of the bad old days. We used to call that a shotgun wedding (formal if the shotgun was silver plated). A lot of people's lives went in different directions because of that back before the pill and more open access to contraception. I wonder if Agnewlin thought to tell her daughter about contraception or did she rely on just saying no? Obama is being nice to say a politician's family should be sacrosant as far as criticism after his own wife has been attacked. I seem to remember other family members coming under scrutiny in the past, including the brothers of a couple of Democratic presidents.

I suggest that John McBush may have made a mistake in his selection and that someone did not look at the impact of what's coming out about Agnewlin now. Are we going to have a makeover in this convention? Remember, the selection is not final until the convention makes it so, usually just a formality. And so McBush can still change his mind.


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