Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Nuts to the Legislature

Who's sending these nuts to the Legislature? I can't believe it's Bozeman, home of one of the major units of the university system. Now we've got Roger Koopman, who is obviously somewhere out in lala land with the bills he's put in having to do with teaching "intelligent" design. For some reason, people from his position seem to think that there is a controversy over the concept of evolution. Roger, I've got news for you: There is no controversy over evolution in the scientific area. The "controversy" over evolution exists only in the minds of those who place their religious beliefs ahead of scientific thinking. So called "creation science" is an oxymoron. It is not science by any stretch of the imagination.

And then we also have Joe Balyeat (sp?) who is taking off on the Montana Supreme Court for doing its part in the three-part system of government we have in this country. I used to think Montana had a good education system, but it's beginning to look a lot as if I was wrong. A good education system wouldn't have created these kind of thinkers. Where does the Republican Party come up with its nuts?

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