Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Thoughts about Conrad

I am really enjoying Conrad Burn's ads trying to rebut the Democrat's attacks about his ties to Abramoff. First, I think he needs to understand that the basic questions are not coming from the Democrats but from the national press covering the Abramoff situation and reporting that he received the most money from A's clients of anyone in Congress. Second, he is not denying that he changed his vote on the Marianas situation after the money came into his campaign fun. Third, if anyone knows what is spread in feed lots it is Conrad, who has probably shoveled it for real and has been doing it in vicariously ever since in his political messages. He certainly does know BS.

I would suggest, however, that Conrad really does not think he has done anything wrong. He or one of his aides probably sat down with one of A's people and decided that his vote on the Marianas didn't mean anything to his constituents, so why not take the money. In addition, he was vulnerable because his basic thesis is pro-business and not for the working man. Why not vote against a minimum wage in a far off area? This doesn't mean I support his doing so, but it does seem to me to explain why the man was vulnerable and should be replaced as a senator of Montana for the big cattlemen and the big businessmen versus the low income wage slaves who work two and three jobs in this state just to earn enough to be a middle income in other parts of this country.

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