Sunday, April 29, 2007

on Denny's votes

Let's see how Denny Rehberg voted on key issues this week. Not a good week for him, I think. He voted against funding for the troops because he is Baby Bush's tail and wags against ending a war that we've already won. Let's face it, the war is over and won. The insurgency is up to the government of Iraq. Even without Denny's vote, the House passed the bill that should light some intelligence under Baby Bush's butt. Also Denny voted for letting people around the world eat our wild horses. Wonder if he likes horse steak? And then he votes to curb spending (?) by wanting to limit the amount the government could spend on controlling horse meat. Wow!!! Good shot Denny. Hope the Montana ranchers appreciate that.

And I wonder how Wyoming feels about not being represented so often in the House when Barbara is not there for votes. Doesn't she have an opinion on anything?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

on apologies

I asked my representative Tom McGillvary if he would abandon his fearless leader who has added to the embarrassment Montana has had to suffer because of the freemen, the montana militia and the bomber and this is his reply.

" Montana Rep. Lange apologized for his inappropriate remarks regarding the governor and the language he used. I can't and won't condone or defend the inappropriate language.

I accepted his apology and I believe Rep. Lange is truly remorseful.


Somehow I don't think Tom really reads people well. Why is he in Helena? Did Lange apologize to the people of Montana for embarrassing them or to the governor?

Addendum: Tom has sent me a new e.mail saying that Lange did apologize to the people of Montana and the governor. Great, it's only about a day late after someone reading the on-line comments and the blogs told him about the uproar he caused. Tom also asked me if I had trashed him on the blogs. I said I said the same thing here that I've said to him in e.mails. And I do hope he was one of the people who deserted his party to vote for CHIP. After writing that, I went back to look at the vote and he voted no on second reading against CHIP. Yep, he's a lightweight typical of the Billings Republicans. And apparently he doesn't read the internet or he'd have some idea of what's happening and what's being said out here about his party.

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