Saturday, November 03, 2007

on this changing world

As I start to cull out some of the older books in my north side library, I've been reading some of them that I bought for my wife years ago and never got time until now to do so. It is startling to think how many of those books are now outdated, not just because many of them deal with the now-defunct Cold War. Many of the lead characters and other good people in those novels smoke, chain-wise. There are no cell phones. Where today's heroes get calls all the time on cell phones and use computers without heistation, those of 15 to 20 years ago had to find pay phones on corners to answer their pagers and were computer confused in some cases. The web wasn't around. We were still talking about single data bases, if that, and there had been no thought of terrorists in most cases. It really was a different world, even then, although not as different as the world I was born into back in the 14th (it seems) Century. What kind of values must we develop in this new world that calls for a re-evaluation of many of the things that an agricultural and then an industrial world had to believe in?

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