Monday, February 04, 2008

on stimulations

A few years ago we all received an advance payment on our income rebate that was intended to stimulate an economy during the first Baby Bush recession (funny how all his tax cuts and other "outstanding" economic moves have led to two recessions in eight years, although I would suggest that the "people's" economy, as I've heard it referred to has only had one for most of the past eight years. But we'll have another excuse to cut taxes for the well off and coupon clippers while giving the rest of us an illusion of having money that will create an upward bulge in the economy that will disappear as fast as the last one. And our dear Sen. Baucus, while having the guts to come up with a plan that will help those of us on Social Security with no other earnings and veterans, wants to lower the amount we get and let it go to people with much higher incomes than most of us.
The higher incomes will probably just bury the money in their IRAs and the economy will go flat again. If we need economic help, and we do, let's put a freeze on home foreclosures, bring the troops and our money home from the near east, and put that some money into bridges, sewers, highways, etc. I have supported Max since his first statewide race for the Senate, but I think he's off base and thinking election-year here rather than the country's economic needs.

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